How Often Should You
Clean Your Home?

Probably more often than you think.

According to science, every surface contains millions and millions of bacteria that can only be seen with a microscope. Emily Bergeron and Reed Albergotti researched and concluded in a Popular Science research that it depends on the surface and how often it is cleaned. They also concluded that certain bacteria and viruses in your home right now can cause tuberculosis, common cold, allergies, stomach flu and even wound infections. Cleaning is a health issue, not only a chore that it’s impregnated into your weekly schedule.

How often should you clean your home? Let’s break it down:

Counters and Kitchen Surfaces: Daily

You should disinfect and wipe down your kitchen surfaces every day to prevent harmful bacteria and pests (yikes) from lurking in your home! Kitchen floors should be swept daily as well to make sure food particles aren’t attracting any unwanted friends as well. Sinks should be sanitized and dishes cleaned and dried .

Vacuum: Weekly

Floors, carpets, and furniture should be vacuumed weekly to collect dust (aka dead skin and dander) from deep within your fabrics. If you have a pet, you might have to suck up a few rouge dust bunnies in between vacuums!

Refrigerator: Every 3-6 Months

All that food residue might not attract bugs in the depths of your fridge, but having dirt, grime, and even dust is unsanitary. WIpe down the inside of your fridge every 3-6 months depending on the severity. Get rid of that forgotten meatloaf sandwich in the back and any other expired foods. A nice trick to have your refrigerator smelling fresh is to keep an open box of baking soda on your shelf (Much cheaper than getting those fancy deodorizer tablets).

Dishwasher, Washer and Dryer: Monthly

If you are on Millennial TIkTok you might have seen the “mind-blowing” washer filter realization. Yes, dishwashers and washers have filters that need to be cleaned! But besides that, cleaning your washers and dryer, even with a simple cycle or wipe-down can protect you from wearing and breathing  in harmful allergens, bacteria, and much more!

Dryer Vents: Annually

Speaking of Dryers, while it’s good to sanitize, it’s even more important to clean around and in your dryer vents. This can be a life-saving task in preventing house fires!

Bed: 2x Week

It’s good to get into the habit of making your bed daily. Not only does it instantly make your room appear more organized, but it has been suggested that early morning routines like making your bed and brushing your hair help mentally prepare you for the rest of your day– keeping you focused and ready for success! Now, changing sheets should be done weekly, but if you suffer from acne on your cheeks, dirty pillows might be to blame. Try changing your pillows more often, like twice a week to help prevent those stubborn pimples.

Bathroom: Every Other Day

It sounds excessive, but wiping down/sanitizing your bathroom surfaces is a must for personal hygiene and health. Wipe down sinks and surfaces daily,, and sanitizer toilets every other day or as needed. Shower walls should be squeegee’d daily as well to prevent mold and mildew forming in damp conditions. BUT: serious scrubbing can be left for your weekly routine.

Kitchen Appliances: Weekly

Make sure to wipe down appliances when you go through your weekly cleaning ritual. Microwaves and the exterior or your fridge and stove get stained and dull over time– keep that sheen by wiping down these non-food surfaces with windex or a specially designed appliance cleaner.

Coffee Maker: Daily

It seems obvious: you use it daily, it should be cleaned daily. Yet, most of us don’t clean our coffee maker thoroughly which can affect flavor and production in the long run. Make sure to clean your coffee pot and filter daily to prevent buildup of grounds and bacteria!

In the real world, keeping up with your home can seem impossible and scary! We all have lives, so we’re here to help! Visit our contact page to get started.